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All numbers now claimed. An amazing response in FIVE weeks
Tividale FC 100 Club!£10 per month1st Prize – £2502nd Prize – £1503rd Prize – £50Live Draw at final home fixture of each month starting November 2022. Payment to be made to Tividale FC  40-43-17 62560836

Numbers and claimant

1. Nicola Upton2. Louis Ezewele3. Karl Gardner4. Christine Heathcote5. Matt Humphries6. Matt Humphries7. Brad Welding8. Albie Yates9. Grandad Pete10. Stuart How11. Daniel Priest12. Tom King13. Callum Upton14. Tommy Harper15. Richard Upton16. Matt Hunt17. Tara Jones18. Zak Kourouyianni19. Dave King20. Nashawn Blake21. Jayden Legg22. Tyrone Cole23. Nashawn Blake24. Luca-Milo Legg25. Paul Broughton26. Sam Yates27. Nashawn Blake28. Wayne Shakespeare29. Louis Connor30. Malcolm Melvin31. Malcolm Melvin32. Leon Murray33. Bryan Allcott34. The Two Beths35. Nathan Hines36. Debbie Jones37. James Davis38. Jamie Oliver39. Tividale Youth Team40. Luke & Kirsty Jones41. Tividale FC42. Tom Cole43. Karl Gardner44. Dom Reid45. Jack Downing46. Tracey Jamieson47. Emmitt Withers48. Paul Boswell49. Julia Harrison50. Lucy King51. Tividale FC52. Rob Harper53. Graham Heathcote54. Sian Cummings55. Peter Hawk56. Mick Preston`57. Daniel Hines58. Imogen Taylor59. Liam Fletcher60. Jack Fletcher61. Tividale FC62. Paul Lovell63. Sara Burroughs64. Ben Heritage65. Dee Rawlins66. Matt Hunt67. Courtney Davies68. Martin Jamieson69. Dan Cooper70. Liz Harrison71. Trevor Burroughs72. Wonder73. Steve Archer74. Zak Kourouyianni75. Emma Griffiths76. Paul Knight77. Keith Dudley78. Under 10s79. Matt Field80. Cameron East81. Tividale FC82. Lilabelle How83. Rich Griffiths84. Zak Kourouyianni85. Jamie Hunt86. Ted Wood87. Josh Ezewele88. Curtis Cocking89. Jason Wood90. Lisa King91. Tividale FC92. Jakob Burroughs93. Paul Knight94. Ryan Snape95. Taylor Townsend96. Joe Burroughs97. Matt Field98. Lewis Taylor-Boyce99. John Robinson100. Mick Preston

Abandonment of fixture vs Whitchurch Alport on Saturday 5th November 2022

Over the weekend, it was reported in the press that Tividale Football Club’s away fixture with Whitchurch Alport was abandoned at half-time due to an ‘alleged racist comment’ towards a Tividale FC player. In response to this report and the ongoing social media comments concerning the reasons behind the abandonment, Tividale Football Club would like to thank the referee and their assistants for the professional way they handled the situation.

Although the comments were witnessed by the referee’s assistant in the 26th minute of the match the incident was not reported to the referee until half time. At this point, the referee brought the matter to the attention of the Tividale Football Club management, staff, and players, which is in line with FA protocol for instances of this nature. This was also explained to representatives of both clubs at the time.

The referee, again in line with FA protocol, gave the Tividale Football Club management and players the choice as to whether they proceeded with the second half of the match. As a group, the decision was taken not to continue with the game, to support our player and member of the Tividale FC family, making it clear that racism will not be tolerated by Tividale Football Club.

An FA investigation into the matter has now been launched and Tividale Football Club will make no further comments about the incident until it has been concluded.

The club is also aware of an incident involving one of the coaching staff after the game which is being investigated internally and once concluded appropriate action, if necessary, will be taken.

Tividale Football Club would like to place on record that it proudly represents a diverse and inclusive area of the Black Country, and as such will not tolerate any abuse, racist or otherwise, against our management, players, or supporters.

Wednesfield hit by 3-minute blitz

Midland Football League Cup
1st Round
Tuesday 25th October 2022
Wednesfield 1-4 Tividale

Wednesfield hit by 3-minute blitz

After the tremendous win on Saturday. It was soon time to focus on our next game against Wednesfield in the league’s Premier Cup.

Click here for the full match report and stat’s