Welcome on board Lauren

As a club we know how difficult it is to fill certain vacancies at club’s, especially at our level.

And Sport’s Therapist’s are possibly one of the toughest to fulfil. At Tividale FC we were blessed to have John Cotton as our Sport’s Therapist for over 30 years. John spanned the role from the “bucket and sponge” man in the late 80s to the technical role it is now.

Since John retired we have been fortunate to have Gavin Blackwell and Dan Hines both excellent in the role and have both moved on up the pyramid to Bromsgrove Sporting and Alvechurch respectively.

So, Tividale FC are absolutely delighted to welcome on board our new Sport’s Therapist Lauren Holden.

Lauren who work’s for the Albion Foundation has agreed to join us from Smethwick Rangers.