Sin Bins Explained

Next season Tividale FC will play in the Midland Football League (MFL) Premier Division in 2019-20 season and will be involved in the use the use of sin bins for dissent.

After successful trials, the Football Association (FA) has contacted clubs and leagues to say that it will be used in all step five and six leagues. The MFL Premier Division is at step five.

10-minute sin bins will replace bookings for dissent only with no £10  booking fines that accompanies standard yellow cards.

They would be for dissent to a match official or an opponent. Other cautions and red cards remain unaffected and any dissent deemed by the referee to involve behaviour that is insulting, abusive or offensive would still result in a player being sent off in line with existing rules.

Referees will show a yellow card and point to the technical area to signal a sin bin.

Players receiving a second sin bin in one game will play no further part but may be substituted at the end of the second 10-minute period provided they have not been booked for a separate offence and their team has at least one substitution left to use.

So players with two sin bins and a separate booking are effectively sent off.

Sin bins carry over from the first to second halves and from full-time into extra-time but sin binned players can take part in penalty shoot-outs and sin bin time will not run over into future fixtures.

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