Tividale expelled from Walsall Senior Cup

Unfortunately even more bad news this season.

We signed a player, and were under the impression from him that he had only played for the team we signed him from this season and we checked if he had played in any outside competitions with them.We were informed the day after the Walsall Senior Cup quarter final win against Walsall FC (Wednesday 1st March 2023) that he had signed for another club from another level and played in the competition for them.We explained to the Staffs FA. That as a club we did not know of him signing for another club so we would not have checked.But the rules are if a player plays for two clubs, it is a possible expulsion and we were expelled from the competition. With no fineWe appealed their decision and the appeal was held on Wednesday 22nd March 2023.

A summary of the decision was as follows .

Although the Staffs FA have nothing but sympathy for the club and agree that there was nothing sinister in the playing of the player and there was not much else the club could have done. The rule has been broken and they feel they must uphold the decision and re instate Walsall FC.

The rules of the competition are that the appeal verdict is final and there is no other right of appealAs a club, we are gutted for the player, the coaching staff, squad, volunteers and supporters of Tividale FC especially the player as we know how much this has hurt him.

We wish all the Walsall Senior Cup semi finalist the very best.

But we still have a JW Hunt Cup semi final to play

Tividale FC have no further comments to make.